Selling a tech company or an e-business is a specific process, made of four milestones, themselves divided into key steps. Each of these steps is essential to maximize the chances of success of the transaction. With its multi-experienced team, ORION guides the seller -with professionalism and pragmatism – through these steps in order to satisfy the strategic and financial goals.

Our priority: take the least possible of his precious time while remaining available at any time, so that the CEO can stay focused on his most important activity: running the company. We will use our many years of knowledge and expertise to enhance what is positive about the company and drive up both financial and strategic value for the client.

Following the best international practices of M&As, we ensure an end-to-end methodology in order to:

  • Identying the needs and the profile of the seller:Define the company in its business environment and identify its strategic profile.
  • Packaging the company: Write the confidential papers describing the acquisition opportunity.
  • Listing the potential counterparts: Identify the list of buyers: the most relevant ones, with an in-line strategy, but also the ones evolving in related industries and willing to diversify their activities portfolio.
  • Bringing parties together: Contact, qualify and organize the requests, the meetings and the interests of the buyers.
  • Bidding and negotiating: Organize a closed-circuit bidding process, lead the negotiations until the reception of the Letters Of Intent from one or several interested parties and the choice of one counterpart to pursue the process in exclusivity .
  • Closing the deal: Guide the due diligence and until the completion of the stock purchase agreement.

Being international

More than two thirds of the tech European companies* are involved in an international transaction. Thus, the list of buyers must reflect this reality. It is the condition of a real auction process, conducted to maximize the value of the transaction. With its presence in Europe and in the US, ORION M&A enjoys the ability to reach potential counterparts all over the world.

(*)Study based on all of the transactions implying a European target during the years 2007/2008/2009, or almost 300 transactions. Source 451 Group.